The JustBe system is for those who long to journey into a lifestyle of conversational intimacy with Jesus, regardless of age or gender.  If you long to know who you are as the one whom Jesus loves, coupled with what you are designed to do, JustBe is for you!   All of heaven is on their tiptoes in anticipation of you embarking on your becoming journey!

I have imparted the JustBe message to a wide range of people just like you who are seeing the fruit of making it a lifestyle!

  • Professional educators, photographers, social workers, rehab counselors, accountants, domestic engineers, and more who are living aware of Jesus’ presence imparting His love to colleagues, clients, family, and friends.
  • Adolescents and young adults excitedly discovering true worth and gifts and imparting it boldly to others!
  • Full time ministers needing refreshment and discovering deeper levels of freedom and Father’s love!