I was wondering…did Peter ever make an attempt to walk on water after that first successful stroll on the high seas, or was that a one time affair?

If I were Peter…

I would attempt that walk again (though I may look over my shoulder to be sure no one was watching).

If I were Peter…

I would recall that moment every time a body of water were in front of me, with or without the wind and waves.

If I were Peter…hmm.

Well, since I’m not Peter and I didn’t have that experience, I haven’t actually tried water walking. However, I do know my tendency to look back and continually try things in this day and time that were only meant for that day and time, back there in the past.

I was thinking about times and seasons, and why I expect things to be like they were when that’s not the season I am in anymore. My relationship with Him. My relationships with others. My relationship with me. None of it is the same as it once was, and it will not ever be that way again because it’s a new season and relationships are always changing. Always growing.

Jesus was always doing things once – for that time, in that instance, for that person, in that scenario. He’s not a predictable God. My tendency to want to replicate the past because something worked once, does not mean that I can, or should do it that way again.

Bummer. That’s so predictable. If only life were so…

My mind raced to the disciples who tried to cast a demon out of a little boy in Mark 9:23-29.  It didn’t work that one particular day like it did in the past. Maybe it didn’t work like they had thought, or how they saw Jesus or someone else do it?

Well, to get to the root of this problem, the disciples ask Jesus in private why they could not get the job done. Jesus replies in verse 29, “This kind cannot come out by anything but prayer” (NASB). Some translations add “fasting” as well.

My very limited conclusion in all of this is that the purpose of the familiarity of the past season in the present moment is to drill faith down into my heart so that prayer arises. Jesus’ words in my paraphrase are when things aren’t working like they once did, just pray! Just talk to Him!

Someday I will quit trying to do things in my relationship with Jesus like I did in the past, and just talk to Him. It’s that organic. It’s relationship. That’s what gave Peter the courage to throw his leg out over the side of the boat to begin with – the voice of His Jesus beckoning him to come.

Me and Jesus, right here, right now, talking. You and Jesus, right where you are, talking. The two of you, JustBeing together – the past in the rear view for momentary glimpses to access the faith in you. The faithfulness of Him JustBeing there all along.