JustBe Curriculum

The JustBe Curriculum

Everyone longs for intimacy and yet it is a precarious subject. The need for intimacy is written on our DNA as human beings and is the common thread of longing and existence between all of us.

JustBe: An Invitation Into Intimacy was birthed out of the past eight years of Becca’s healing journey into true intimacy with Jesus.  The curriculum is designed to take the reader on an exploratory journey that delves into the riches of intimacy with God, self, and others. It can be adapted for personal exploration, discipleship, small or large group settings.

There are 15 chapters that offer a teaching and conclude with JustBe Moments, which are left and right brained exercises designed to aid you in digging down into your own heart and life journey.  The ultimate purpose is the tending to the heart to remove any blockages that prohibit intimacy with those you were created to experience it with – God, self, and others.

If you long to know who you are as the one whom Jesus loves, JustBe is for you! All of heaven is on their tiptoes in anticipation of you embarking on your becoming journey! You can purchase the curriculum in electronic form, or paperback from Amazon by clicking on the curriculum cover to your left.

“Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.”  Proverbs 4:23 

Becca has a gentle way in leading the reader through creative moments of connecting with Jesus!  As I journey through each chapter Jesus is weaving the same message in and through all the areas in my life.  His Spirit is answering my deep cry to intimately know the One whom my heart was made for and Just Be is an excellent companion to help do it!”
Julie, Domestic Engineer, Loveland, CO
This curriculum was a journey to the true heart of God the Father for me.  Through personal stories and prayerful exercises, Becca coaches the reader into the deeper places of the spirit.  As I completed the curriculum I found that it had been used to reveal places in my own heart that were not open to God and gently removed the locks that I had placed there.  I am now able to receive the Love of the Father like never before.
Diane, Wife, Mother, & Artist, NC