“What is your center, Jack Frost?”

This isn’t some new age question posed by a fictional character in a children’s movie.  It is the fundamental thread of humanity imploring, “Who am I, really?

We expressly are matryoshka dolls disguised as one being, one person.  If you need a visual of what those are, click here.  There is a core to each of us and we are each on a quest to find our identity, which can often be mysteriously hidden from us at first glance.

Jack Frost, in The Rise of the Guardians, doesn’t know who he is at his core because he can’t remember his past life.  What he does know is that he possesses a magic staff that gives him the ability to bring frosty weather, and that he wields the power to make children laugh as they frolic in the snow.  The children, though they experience him, don’t believe in him.  They virtually walk right through him whenever he is around, seeing his effects but not knowing whom to give credit or to believe was behind it all.

Though Jack enjoys watching children experience his handiwork, he leads an invisible life.  He is most acquainted with the pangs of discontentment, isolation, and loneliness.  Jack has been begging the Man on the Moon to deliver the answer of who he is, but what he is looking for ultimately comes via an unexpected journey alongside comrades he didn’t formerly know as friends.

North, the tattooed “Santa” from Ireland (or somewhere that boasts a cool accent) corners Frost behind closed doors and drills him with the question, “Who are you Jack Frost?  What is your center?  If man in moon chose you, you must have something very special inside.”  Santa puts a matryoshka doll of himself in Jack’s hands.  Within Jack finds mysterious, fierce, jolly, and big eyes (at the core).

Santa says, “Big eyes, because they are full of wonder…wonder is what I put into the world and what I put into the children.  It’s why I am a guardian.  It’s my center.  What is yours?”

This movie could preach a dozen different sermons; it is that powerful in my mind. In order to know who we are, we need to remember who we are, where we came from, and what it is that brings life to our hearts and others.  Peel back the layers of you.  What do you find?  Who are you at your center?  What do you put into the world that brings life to others and to yourself?  What makes you special?  After all, you too are chosen!

Grab your journal and draw you as a matryoshka doll – share it with a trusted friend and then don’t let go of what you find there at your center and how you arrived!  If you should get stuck, ask a comrade who really sees you.  Most of all, ask the Holy Spirit to help you.  Jesus knows you intimately – He calls you by name, knows every layer, and even more deeply knows your core identity and true self.

Remember He called Peter, “the Rock” (Matthew 16:18)!  By what name does He know you and want you to be known?  Guaranteed that what you find there is what makes you special, what makes you, YOU – A Guardian!