Last year (’12) brought the inauguration of JustBe retreats and conferences, the first being at a local church in Asheville, NC and the second with 12 wonderful women at a quaint cabin overnight on the side of a mountain in Boone, NC.  The first retreat hosted 56 women in attendance who came with great expectation and indeed God met each one in deeply personal ways.

One conference attendee, Shawna said, “Last spring I spent a day at Becca Wineka’s JustBe Conference. It was another step closer into the heart and intimacy of Jesus for me. She brought a deeper knowledge of our Father and how He sees us personally. Her use of various mediums and personal examples were extremely effective and helpful for my own application.”  

Retreats are a time away from the daily grind to come and JustBe with Jesus.  They are a time of coming to experience His presence individually and corporately through worship, teaching, and being still in order to attend to the most important well spring of life, the heart.  It is the garden within, and there is much tending to do there.  That is what a retreat is for – cultivating and maintaing the secret place that Psalm 91:1 speaks of.  It is the abiding place with Christ and in Christ that John speaks of when referencing the vineyard and the branches.  Apart from this place – the secret place – we are nothing, can do nothing and have nothing.  It is first from abiding (JustBe) first that we are called to do.  Our culture, church and otherwise, often has this backwards.  It is time to JustBe!

JustBe retreats and conferences are designed around you and your heart and extend the invitation from God to JustBe with Him as you, not doing anything but being YOU in His presence, at His feet.  The retreat is a time for stillness and connection to Him who knows everything about you and loves you just as you are!

Another attendee, Alisha shares, “Ever since experiencing the JustBe retreat last year, my heart has been more open than ever in my life to receiving all of Jesus’ love for me as well as others in my life.  I am realizing it’s wonderful to be just me, just where I am in life and being accepted as I am, and fully loved as I am.  That was difficult for me to grasp because throughout my whole life I have always had the feeling of not being good enough, whether it be in my family, school, appearance, my work, or just life in general.  JustBe has helped bring contentment with me, helping me find stillness in Jesus’ presence and feeling so completely loved and it fills my heart in a way I’ve never known.”