Meet Becca: Speaker, Author, and Counselor

Becca Wineka, MA, LCPC, NCC is an experienced educator, therapist, speaker, and author. Becca currently works with adolescents as a primary therapist at a therapeutic boarding school in Northwest Montana. She is the author of JustBe: An Invitation Into Intimacy, a curriculum designed to lead one into personal intimacy with God, self, and others.

Becca began to experience healing as a journey into true intimacy by learning the gift of being present in the moment through just being. JustBe is now a lifestyle of non-scripted connectedness with the One who created the moment that is presenting itself, now.


More About Becca

I grew up as a budding perfectionist, a life enveloped by anxiety and fear. To cope, I found my worth through doing – softball, school, relationships, and church going (all of which I loved, by the way). Yet life still felt empty and lonely. Co-dependency on those things for purpose and people finally exhausted itself. I began to find stillness and quiet a comfort, and embarked on a journey finding my way back to the core of what it means to JustBe.

In her JustBe time, Becca enjoys time with others over a cup of coffee, going on a hike, fishing, photography, writing, teaching, traveling, and enjoying life.

The JustBe curriculum is the result of a personal healing journey.  As I walked down the path towards deeper intimacy and connectedness to self in the moment, I began to share JustBe with those around me. The curriculum has been developed to serve you in your own personal journey into intimacy with God.