Just Be: An Invitation Into Intimacy

The JustBe curriculum is for those who long for a devotional lifestyle of conversational intimacy with God. We are all designed with innate wiring for belonging and being known just as we are, and loved right there. This curriculum is designed to merge the longing of your heart together with the healing and connection you are created for.


What is the JustBe Curriculum?

A Tool for Healing 85%
A Resource for Leaders 65%
A Guide to Deeper Intimacy 90%

Who is the JustBe Curriculum For?

Small Groups
You are a human being, created to partner with God and others out of intimacy – this curriculum can be engaged in a small group setting, or flying solo!
Adolescents excitedly discovering their true worth and individual gifts, imparting it boldly to others!
For those giving out who are in need of refreshment and discovering deeper levels of freedom, healing, and the Father’s love!
Counselors & Professionals
Professional counselors, educators, social workers, rehab counselors, accountants, domestic engineers, fashion designers, and more who want to be more aware of Jesus’ presence in daily life.