I had the honor and delight of doing the first JustBe Retreat of 2013 in Loveland, CO this past weekend.  There were 20 BeUtFUL women present as Jesus met each one right there in a wonderful home situated an hour east of Estes and the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Beauty surrounded us that day as a surprise snow fall blanketed the area, serving as a sign post of something new that God was soaking Love-land with that day. That is the message of intimacy with the Creator who washes us by the blood of Christ and makes all things new.  The retreat consisted of three teaching segments of what it means to JustBe, Belong, and Be Blessed, which ultimately translates into truly being BE u t FUL.  To Just BE – yourself (u)- in the finished work of the cross (t) – full of His Holy Spirit (FUL).

Jesus came near, not just a little over 2000 years ago, but is nearer still through the presence of His promised Holy Spirit dwelling within every child who professes Jesus Christ as Lord.  It is the Holy Spirit who dug deep wells of intimacy during the retreat that day in each one as we journeyed together through the reality that God loves us and “must needs us” (John 4:1; KJV)  just as we are and not as we should be.  It’s through learning to JustBe that He transforms us into who we are becoming, and that is exactly like His Son through the uniqueness that makes you, YOU.

God is calling us to JustBe with Him, to be a living Psalm fully present and connected to God in the day in and day out realities of life.  He is drawing each of us and one way is through not despising our weaknesses, but instead knowing His grace and presence with us in our weaknesses.  It is His love for us there that makes us strong.  What an amazing and endearing love our Savior has for us, just as we are!

The JustBe curriculum and retreats are equipping tools that will aid you in what it looks like to go deeper with God, self, and others, which is truly what you long for – intimacy.  JustBe equips you to no longer run from your enemy but rather to turn and face him, the destruction and/or disappointments you have endured that were wrought through sin, wounding, lies, things perpetrated against you, and ultimately that which is found at the bottom of the cisterns of life.

What Grace Himself has given to me I want to pass to you through JustBe.  It is a journey to be embarked on and an adventure with God to be embraced!  Come and learn to JustBe, Belong, and Be Blessed because you are Be U t FUL !