A Voice Saying...I heard a voice from behind me saying… “You wouldn’t be interested in a wilderness therapy program would you?”

God’s set-ups and divine appointments are always doors to walk through in great awe and wonder.  They serve as signs and wonders indeed!  Let me give you some context: I am nearing the end of my master’s degree in Professional Counseling, but one thing is yet required and that is a practicum/internship experience.

While busy banging on one door that wasn’t budging open, one day I was having a simple conversation while checking out at a local hiking shop.  John McFerrin, the owner of Take A Hike in Black Mountain, N.C., had asked me how school was going.  I replied, “It’s going great, I love it and in fact I am looking for an internship.” 

This is when the voice of the man behind me in line said, “You wouldn’t be interested in a wilderness therapy program would you?”  I turned and replied, “Why yes I would be!”  After making quick introductions right there in the store front, I realize that this is the same place I had already placed a phone call and emails to, not hearing anything in response.  The gentleman writes his name, phone number, and email on a business card and soon after I got in touch.  Turns out he is the executive director of the program.

I stand amazed continually at how God works.  That’s the child in me, while the adult in me struggles with doubt and unbelief.  Trying to make things work according to my plans and agendas rather than childlike trust and faith.

That God ordained voice behind me was spoken from out of His design and purpose for my life.  I am meant to be an intern at this camp, and not somewhere else.  Some doors don’t open because they aren’t meant to open (Isaiah 22:22).  A lack of peace about potential open doors is really a closed door, in retrospect.  Doors that fling wide do so because they are destined to.  No man or minion can stop it from happening, nor apply enough pressure to make them swing open.  I’ve tried, countless times.  Can you relate?  What doors are you applying pressure on right now?

So here I am having just begun this wilderness adventure as a counselor in training.  I can not tell you how blessed I am to be right where God plopped me down – amidst the best of the best, the crème de la crème.  I am so blessed to sit at their feet and soak in their expertise; to be instructed by their wisdom and understanding, all because my “…Ears will hear a word behind you saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it’, whenever you turn to the right or to the left” (Isaiah 30:21 NASB).

Keep walking friend.  He is before you and behind you, so JustBe leaning in to the One to whom you BElong, listening for His voice that makes a way, even in the wilderness.