Developing a lifestyle of intimacy with God will extrapolate the fingerprint of God within you, revealing whom you are (identity) and what you are called to do (destiny).  The other common thread between us involves an enemy trying to thieve identities, and a Hero that has secured you in Love forever.  The good news is that love always wins, and intimacy retrieves all that has been stolen, heals all wounds, and restores what was once lost.

Western culture often elevates doing over being.  From a performance orientation, this translates into busyness and burnout rather than living from within out of abundance and joy.  The confusion point is that we are known by what we do rather than from being.  A question often posed early in life is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Pin pricking the fountain of desire, childhood dreams begin to emerge.  “I want to be a…firefighter, cowgirl, a professional ball player.”  For a child, adulthood on the distant horizon has a blissfully glistening luster to it.  Oh to “be big” and “all grown up!”  The beauty is that God designed you to be BIG in this world through childlikeness, leaving a wake rippling out from wherever you place your foot.  He created you to be before you do, not vice versa.  To be comes out of desire, whereas to do comes from the hamster wheel of duty.

Many people do not reach their dreams and are left unfulfilled for one reason or another.  Life happens.  Obstacles, trauma, and circumstances elude hope that results in lost desire, buried dreams, and hope deferred.  Perhaps there are no childhood dreams to recall except to survive.  Everyone has a different story but the common thread between us is God’s blueprint.  His fingerprint, imago dei, cries out from every creature down to the cellular structure.  Edenic purpose, original glory, desire, and destiny are implanted and relationship longed for.  The greatness and goodness of God is implanted within you regardless of circumstances of life.