• How Are Your Feet?
    How Are Your Feet? How Are Your Feet?

    How Are Your Feet?

How Are Your Feet?

Shoes that never rot and feet that don’t swell.  What a deal while walking around in the wilderness for forty years!  There were no Sudoku puzzles, smartphones, tweets, or televisions to occupy one’s time or mind.  Can you imagine the sounds of that day?  Put yourself there for a minute.  Just people and animals making all of the strange noises we/they do, children playing, the buzz of conversation, tones of nature and even quiet.

I wonder if anyone ever talked about their feet or wanting to get a new set of duds?  Were they aware of the supernatural details and grateful, or did they take it for granted – the manna, the everlasting clothes, shoes, simple and yet important things like their feet not swelling.  God’s divine enablement to walk where they were to walk.

“I have led you forty years in the wilderness. Your clothes have not worn out on you, and your sandals have not worn off your feet” Deuteronomy 29:5

If there is one thing that I am aware of when I am hiking, running, or walking for any significant distance, it is my feet!  I have tender feet.  As a child I could never run over stones, much less walk on them without wincing!  The older I have grown, the more I buy for comfort over style with every purchase.

As the Israelites were sojourning through the dust of the earth, God was deeply aware of the need for their feet to be kept.  He is a God who is in the details, little and big. With all the mayhem in the daily news, there is one thing that keeps coming to my heart.

“How are your feet?”

I have been struck […]

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  • What is My Center?
    The Center of You The Center of You

    The Center of You

The Center of You

“What is your center, Jack Frost?”

This isn’t some new age question posed by a fictional character in a children’s movie.  It is the fundamental thread of humanity imploring, “Who am I, really?

We expressly are matryoshka dolls disguised as one being, one person.  If you need a visual of what those are, click here.  There is a core to each of us and we are each on a quest to find our identity, which can often be mysteriously hidden from us at first glance.

Jack Frost, in The Rise of the Guardians, doesn’t know who he is at his core because he can’t remember his past life.  What he does know is that he possesses a magic staff that gives him the ability to bring frosty weather, and that he wields the power to make children laugh as they frolic in the snow.  The children, though they experience him, don’t believe in him.  They virtually walk right through him whenever he is around, seeing his effects but not knowing whom to give credit or to believe was behind it all.

Though Jack enjoys watching children experience his handiwork, he leads an invisible life.  He is most acquainted with the pangs of discontentment, isolation, and loneliness.  Jack has been begging the Man on the Moon to deliver the answer of who he is, but what he is looking for ultimately comes via an unexpected journey alongside comrades he didn’t formerly know as friends.

North, the tattooed “Santa” from Ireland (or somewhere that boasts a cool accent) corners Frost behind closed doors and drills him with the question, “Who are you Jack Frost?  What is your center?  If man in moon chose you, you must have something very special […]

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  • JustBe Retreat
    Past JustBe Retreats Past JustBe Retreats

    Past JustBe Retreats

Past JustBe Retreats

Last year (’12) brought the inauguration of JustBe retreats and conferences, the first being at a local church in Asheville, NC and the second with 12 wonderful women at a quaint cabin overnight on the side of a mountain in Boone, NC.  The first retreat hosted 56 women in attendance who came with great expectation and indeed God met each one in deeply personal ways.

One conference attendee, Shawna said, “Last spring I spent a day at Becca Wineka’s JustBe Conference. It was another step closer into the heart and intimacy of Jesus for me. She brought a deeper knowledge of our Father and how He sees us personally. Her use of various mediums and personal examples were extremely effective and helpful for my own application.”  

Retreats are a time away from the daily grind to come and JustBe with Jesus.  They are a time of coming to experience His presence individually and corporately through worship, teaching, and being still in order to attend to the most important well spring of life, the heart.  It is the garden within, and there is much tending to do there.  That is what a retreat is for – cultivating and maintaing the secret place that Psalm 91:1 speaks of.  It is the abiding place with Christ and in Christ that John speaks of when referencing the vineyard and the branches.  Apart from this place – the secret place – we are nothing, can do nothing and have nothing.  It is first from abiding (JustBe) first that we are called to do.  Our culture, church and otherwise, often has this backwards.  It is time to JustBe!

JustBe retreats and conferences are designed around you and your heart and extend the invitation from God […]

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  • The Marriage Wine
    Jesus -The Bride and Groom Jesus -The Bride and Groom

    Jesus -The Bride and Groom

Jesus -The Bride and Groom

Jesus is down on His face in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Sweat and blood are oozing out of His skin, trickling down like little tributaries upon His face and extremities.  The amount of strain that Christ is under emotionally, spiritually, and physically are excruciatingly exhausting and all-together terrifying.  Anyone else would have crumbled under the weight. The Word made flesh, human, is in utter agony at what is presented before Him.

The Cup.  What is it about this cup that is utterly agonizing?

Culturally understood, there is significant implications of what this cup is all about.  Before we take a glimpse into that, let’s look in Luke 22 at the first time communion, or the cup, is offered by Jesus to His followers in the upper room.  It’s Passover and the Lamb of God slain before the foundations of the world is about to experience that slaying in the natural, where eternity collides with the matrix of time (Revelation 13:8). Jesus presents the bread as His body that will be broken, and offers the wine as His shed blood, both of which will be spilled out on the cross within the hours.

The cross. It’s a messy scene.

A blood bath of cruelty, yet the greatest act of love ever committed. A single drop of pure love crashing into the earth will usher in an entirely new covenant – the purity of the love of God for His people is sealed shut.  The blood of Christ is the Father’s price of paying for the hand of the Bride – His Son’s Beloved.  It is the covenant of marriage, inheritance, priesthood, and belonging.  The bride will meet her Groom. The new covenant of rest is instituted as all striving and […]

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  • JustBe Retreat CO
    JustBe Retreat Loveland, CO JustBe Retreat Loveland, CO

    JustBe Retreat Loveland, CO

JustBe Retreat Loveland, CO

I had the honor and delight of doing the first JustBe Retreat of 2013 in Loveland, CO this past weekend.  There were 20 BeUtFUL women present as Jesus met each one right there in a wonderful home situated an hour east of Estes and the Rocky Mountain National Park.  Beauty surrounded us that day as a surprise snow fall blanketed the area, serving as a sign post of something new that God was soaking Love-land with that day. That is the message of intimacy with the Creator who washes us by the blood of Christ and makes all things new.  The retreat consisted of three teaching segments of what it means to JustBe, Belong, and Be Blessed, which ultimately translates into truly being BE u t FUL.  To Just BE – yourself (u)- in the finished work of the cross (t) – full of His Holy Spirit (FUL).

Jesus came near, not just a little over 2000 years ago, but is nearer still through the presence of His promised Holy Spirit dwelling within every child who professes Jesus Christ as Lord.  It is the Holy Spirit who dug deep wells of intimacy during the retreat that day in each one as we journeyed together through the reality that God loves us and “must needs us” (John 4:1; KJV)  just as we are and not as we should be.  It’s through learning to JustBe that He transforms us into who we are becoming, and that is exactly like His Son through the uniqueness that makes you, YOU.

God is calling us to JustBe with Him, to be a living Psalm fully present and connected to God in the day in and day out realities of life.  He is drawing […]

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