The last time I blogged it was January. Seems like a millennia ago. Time is clipping along at break neck force. So much has already happened in 2014 to make it a ‘fork-in-the road’ sort of year.

I was reading back at my last post on anger and reflecting. I’m going to insult your intelligence and tell you something you already knew: anger is never really about the anger. It’s about what is underneath the manifesting emotion of anger. Probing for the root source is really the issue.

Like so many, I work with very angry youth on a daily basis. I have come to recognize that the root for many is fear – of being alone. A closer look tells the story that most of us are adversely reacting to a world that has told us in a sundry of ways that we are alone. Why is the reaction so strong?  Because we are created to be seen, to belong. The violent reaction to being unseen is protection, and that is precisely what a violent rage does. It pushes people away in order to protect one’s self from a world that has exploited vulnerability and qualified the lie that personal existence here on planet earth does not matter. That you are alone.

The primary fear of mankind being alone is found in the early pages of Genesis. Adam found himself alone…amidst a lot of new life. All that God had created was new, including Adam. Though the landscape was paradise, something was off. Adam saw no one else to reflect back to him what he looked like. He had no mirror image to take this world in with him.

The fear of being alone is powerful, especially when life experience backs it up. Ultimately, it is the fear of having no one look at you to help you discover who you really are in your full potential. Adam walked in the evenings with God, but still there was a vacant space within to be known.

Children, animals, and adults all crave this fundamental need – the need to be seen, to be known, to belong. To share life with someone who is safe. So, here we are in the middle of April.

Passover. Good Friday. Resurrection.

 Jesus found Himself alone – estranged from His Father, betrayed by all but a few at the foot of the cross.

“My God why have you forsaken me?” (Mt.27:46)

Jesus never knew separation from His Father…the alone of man was upon Him along with the all the living hell unleashed upon the earth since Adam and Eve knew nakedness. A gut wrenching cry came from the cross…on behalf of mankind in the Son of God. God never abandoned us. He came to dwell among us and the Son became us that we may belong. That we may know the perfect love that casts out all fear, even the fear of being alone. Jesus faced the ultimate fear for us on the cross.

I am reminded looking back over the past season that at the crossroads in 2014 I have heard two whispers, ‘you are alone…’ vs. ‘I am with you.’ The enemy of my heart would like for me to believe the former, opening the door to lies and insanity. Abiding in the latter, I am beheld by the One who sees me and is my constant friend. The One who cried out to His Father for me and was abandoned to the cross that I may belong to, and live with and in Him. In the aftermath of His suffering, He resurrected that we may belong. So, fear not…